Welcome to the ElitSwim Club 2023 Try-outs!

Upcoming evaluations take place for 2023 at the following locations:
a) San Ramon Olympic Pool. SROP/California High. 9900 Broadmoor Dr, San Ramon, CA 94583
b) Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center. DVAC/DVHS. 10550 Albion Rd, San Ramon, CA 94582
Ask directly for ElitSwim staff to check-in. 



  • This website serves only the ElitSwim Club. ELIT (Competitive)
  • ElitSwim - Pre-Competitive: Visit for info the ElitSwim website at www.elitswim.com
  • ElitSwim Lessons: Please refer to the City of San Ramon Aquatics if you are registering for classes through ElitSwim Lessons for the City of San Ramon for any inquiries, assessments, scheduling, etc



Please check the dates and times below for the upcoming Evaluations/Tryouts.

  1. Print, complete, and bring this Evaluation Questionaire Form on the day of your evaluation and handed to our staff. 
    Be sure to include all info, names, ages, contact information, phone number, and email address. 

  2. Dates, Times & Location:

How to:
On the day of your tryout, please ask directly for ElitSwim or Paschalis Ntatsos, mention that you are coming for a try out and ensure that you bring your Evaluation Form.


Swimming Requirements:

Your swimmer(s) must be at minimum five years old to join ES, be water safe (no coach in the water), and be proficient in swimming 25 yards (one lap) unassisted in both freestyle and backstroke without stopping. 
Capability to complete daily practices of 30 minutes.


Please be on time to help us stay on schedule!

Each tryout is approximately 5-15 minutes in length. Swimmers will be asked to demonstrate strokes while a coach evaluates the skill level to determine group placement. Parents will fill out a form and remain off the pool deck during the tryout. Information will be provided regarding group schedules, equipment, required attendance, registration, fees, and more. Questions can be asked following the tryout. All families will be notified through email with the approval of registration.
Families that registered and couldn't reserve a spot will be refunded back.

Any questions regarding tryouts should be directed to Mr. Paschalis Ntatsos at [email protected]