College - Senior Group Information


Welcome back, everyone! We are honored to have you back with ELIT. All college swimmers must register with both ELIT and USA Swimming before attending practices to ensure team liability. (school/holiday breaks and/or over the summer). 

Note: College swimmers new to the program should contact Head Coach Paschalis Ntatsos at [email protected]) before registering. 


College Registration

ELIT offers two different training-level packages for your swimmer. 


  1. College School Year ONLY Training: For swimmers who need to train at ELIT during the school year. This excludes summer training. For more information, please Contact Us
  2. College Full Time/Senior Option ($500): This option is for swimmers who want to train with ELIT during school breaks and during the summer (October to August) but are unable to entirely commit to practices. Competition is optional for swimmers in this group.


Every college swimmer must fulfill the requirements for Athlete Protection Training and USA swimming membership. 

Renewing your USA registration requires online access to your USA SWIMS account for APT training. Note: Swimmers who enrolled with USA through the previous swim season must remain current through December 31 of each year. Please review your membership and, if necessary, renew it.