ElitSwim Club (ELIT)

Embrace the Future of Competitive Swimming!

Experience the power of ElitSwim Club, where innovation and excellence converge. We redefine the landscape of competitive swimming, offering cutting-edge techniques, a winning mindset, and transformative training programs. As a trailblazing USA Swimming Club operating year-round, our mission is to empower swimmers of all levels with the tools they need to succeed. Our year-round ElitSwim (Pre-Competitive) Build Skills programs, alongside the prestigious contract renewal for Swim Lessons with the City of San Ramon from 2023 to 2027, solidify our commitment to providing unrivaled expertise and results. These programs and contracts enable us to deliver high efficiency and exceptional quality service to swimmers of all levels and ages in the Bay Area.
We deeply appreciate the support we have received, which fuels our drive for greatness. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you into our esteemed programs. Discover more about our upcoming evaluations and take the first step towards realizing your swimming dreams by visiting our Upcoming Evaluations tab.

About the Founder:

Paschalis Ntatsos is the Founder and Head Coach of ElitSwim Club (ELIT), located in San Ramon, California. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Sports Science (BSS) and is an American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 5 Senior International coach. Paschalis has a diverse background in swimming and coaching, which allows him to cater to swimmers of all levels, from beginners to elite international-level athletes. To learn more, click HERE

Unleash Your Potential with ElitSwim:

At the heart of ElitSwim Club (ELIT) beats a passion for pushing boundaries and revolutionizing competitive swimming. Led by our visionary Head Coach, Paschalis Ntatsos, we elevate the sport with groundbreaking techniques and training methods. With an unwavering commitment to performance at every age, our curated curricula fuel growth and ignite a winning mindset.

ElitSwim Club is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization, proudly affiliated with USA Swimming and Pacific Swimming.

Ignite Excellence in Competitive Swimming:

As a year-round swim club, ElitSwim is your gateway to professional coaching that propels you to new heights of achievement. Our programs embrace the latest advancements in swimming techniques, ensuring you have the competitive edge to excel at the highest levels. We believe that academic and athletic success go hand in hand, fostering a harmonious balance between the two. With a team of dedicated professional coaches and a visionary Board of Directors, supported by passionate parent volunteers, we create a supportive and transformative environment. Our love and respect for the sport and its community form the foundation of our exceptional club.

Key Dates to Remember:

  • Tryouts: Check HERE for more information.

Our Visionary Mission:

ElitSwim Club is driven by a mission to unlock excellence and empower athletes, fostering success in both swimming and life. We cultivate a safe, supportive, inspiring environment that ignites personal growth and maximizes potential.

Our Transformative Philosophy:

At ElitSwim Club (ELIT), we believe in rewriting the rules of competitive swimming. Our holistic approach transcends the pool, empowering swimmers with life skills and a winning mindset. Through meticulously designed programs and organized events, we deliver a transformative swimming experience that sets you up for success.

Unleash Your Potential:

ElitSwim goes beyond conventional training methods, prioritizing the integration of cutting-edge techniques that revolutionize performance. Our advanced training programs enhance swim times, efficiency, and overall capabilities, ensuring you stand out in the competitive arena. 

Join the ElitSwim Movement:

We are more than a club; we are a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for competitive swimming. Together, we break barriers, shatter limitations, and pave the way for greatness. As we strive for excellence, we deeply appreciate your support and look forward to welcoming you into our prestigious programs.

Structure and Commitment:

ElitSwim Club operates within the framework of Pacific Swimming, Zone 2, a subdivision of USA Swimming, the National Governing Body (NGB) for amateur competitive swimming in the USA. This affiliation grants us access to a vibrant swimming community and opportunities for national and international competitions. We compete at all levels of the USA Swimming program, showcasing our commitment to developing swimmers at both regional and national levels. Our dedicated Board of Directors, led by our President, oversees the smooth functioning of the Club and determines the time and location of meetings. These board meetings, held on the first Wednesday of every two months, provide a platform for collaboration and growth. We rely on consistent involvement and strong participation from all team members to sustain our dues structure and ensure our collective success.


We look forward to becoming your choice of setting up and working for your swimmer's goals and dreams!



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