ES Age Group Programs

The ElitSwim Club's practice groups fit the needs of swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Please keep in mind that age ranges are not absolute. Sometimes, an older swimmer who is new to the sport may have to start with a predominantly younger group, and that is perfectly okay and normal. Occasionally a very advanced younger swimmer may be moved into a group of older athletes. These group descriptions are provided to give you a sense of our team's construction and the progression your child is likely to follow as they move through our program. 

Mental Goals:  
Elit 1 & 2: From the first steps of our programs, understanding practice sets and the importance of proper technique, promoting teamwork, and developing self-confidence.
Elit 3 & Senior Groups: Learn to balance school and extracurricular schedules and understand the value and connection between hard work and success. Learn to intrinsically motivate yourself, handle disappointment with grace and understanding, and continue to learn what it is to swim your own race and not get in your own head. Take personal accountability/responsibility regarding goal setting, nutrition, proper sleep habits, and practice attendance.

 Age Group Program (8th grade and younger)

Lead Age Group Coach: Hope Ernhart

 Elit 1 

This is where it all starts! This group comprises the youngest competitive swimmers in the ELIT program. We emphasize the fundamentals of efficient, competitive, and enjoyable technique. Our objective is to provide a solid foundation for these young swimmers to advance through our practice groups by teaching them good stroke technique and mindset from the very beginning. This comprises kicking, drilling, body positioning, and synchronization drills that are done both in and out of the water. More significantly, we want to cultivate a passion for swimming and ELIT that will last a lifetime. 

Requirements = Complete a 25yd (one length) freestyle and a 25yd backstroke without stopping.
AGE: (typically 5-8 years)
DAYS: M-F (4-5 practices)
DURATION: (45min practice)

 Elit 2 

This is the second level of competition training for age group swimmers. All swimmers within this group must be able to successfully swim each of the four competitive strokes in a legal manner as deemed by USA Swimming, Inc. rules. This group is where swimmers of younger ages will progress with more advanced fundamental skills, stroke technique, and instruction. They will learn advanced skills, drills, and stretches in a variety of ways to prepare them for the present and senior level. They will begin learning race strategies and build healthy practices and meet habits. 

Elit 2
AGE: (9-11 years old)
DAYS: M-F (5 practices)
DURATION: (75min practice)


 Elit 3 

This program will have increased yardage and dry land practices compared to our Age Group 1 & 2 programs and is designed to prepare swimmers for advancement into our Senior ELIT programs.

Emphasis on mental training/strength, self-confidence, and self-awareness will be introduced and worked on within the group. Swimmers are assigned to the same lanes according to age and physical capabilities. Practice in this group also ranges in yardage, as it is expected that 11-14-year-olds will be in a position to perform a more rigorous training load than younger swimmers while continuing to build upon racing skills, character ownership, and strength. Performance prep (nutrition, rest, recovery, mental edge)
Consistent practice attendance is necessary for continued improvement and advancement.

Elit 3  
AGE: (11-14 years old)
DAYS: M-F (5 practices)
DURATION: (105min practice)


Space is limited.

If you have questions regarding the training aspect of your swimmer's experience, it is best that you contact their assigned group's coach directly. 


Dryland is considered part of practice, and Elit 3 swimmers should plan to attend all sessions. Dryland sessions are designed to give swimmers the required physical development and flexiblity to be competitive. Dryland will train each swimmer's physical and mental strength without overtraining the muscles, joints, and spine. Strengthening is directed for each individual on their stroke and flexiblity needs.

Group Expectations

Expectations for attendance and competition participation are based on the goals of each athlete.  A great attitude, work ethic, attention to detail, and competitive drive should build on a foundation of consistent attendance.  

Mental Goals:

  • Successfully balance academic and extracurricular schedules.
  • Understand long-term goal setting.
  • Promote teamwork.
  • Develop self-confidence.


Equipment - Age Group: 

  • Kickboard (Hard)
  • Pull Buoy (Small-med)
  • Paddles (Small)
  • Fins (long soft blades)
  • Mesh Equipment Bag
  • Exercise mat - Elit 2 & 3
  • 2 Tennis Balls - Elit 2 & 3
  • Snorkel (front) - Elit 3

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Standards for EVERY athlete include being prompt, having good posture, being polite, acting purposefully, and arriving prepared.  These are expected of swimmers of all ages and levels within the program.