Thank you for your interest in the ElitSwim Club.  

As an ELIT participant, you are not only a member of our team, but you are also recognized for your unique ability to be yourself. No two people are the same, and therefore no two swimmers are the same either! Coaches work with each individual swimmer for goal setting and progression status. Our team is focused on providing the absolute best and safest environment for the swimmers on the team.

Our team will not only help your child improve inside the pool, but we also believe that the lessons we teach will help them outside the pool. Integrity, patience, responsibility, respect, individual goal setting, and cooperation are just a few skills vital to swimming that carry into everyday life.



Interested in joining Our Team?

ElitSwim Club is a competitive swim team covering a wide range of abilities at each age level. We are part of USA Swimming and Pacific Swimming, and we are a non-profit organization. The ElitSwim program is designed to build competitive swimmers and great student-athletes from 5 years old through high school graduation. ElitSwim is operated by a professional coaching staff governed by a Board of Directors with a LOT of help from parent volunteers throughout the year. Joining ElitSwim is a family commitment to the long-term growth of your swimmer and to help the entire organization reach its goals.


WHO can join ElitSwim?

We invite swimmers who can demonstrate the skills and characteristics appropriate for our program levels to join our team. We have auxiliary and pre-competitive programs to help swimmers reach the necessary proficiencies to succeed at ElitSwim Club. We will strive to provide resources to keep any interested swimmer in the sport as best we can! Contact us to see where your swimmer fits in the ElitSwim program.
Learn more about our competitive levels. Age Groups Here, Senior Groups Here


WHAT is the process to join ElitSwim?

You can read more about the commitment requirements for membership in the Welcome Packet. These requirements include Annual dues, Fundraising commitment, Service Hours commitment, and any additional travel, swim meet, or event expenses as part of the program. The process to join will always follow these steps:

  1. Be EVALUATED at a tryout or scheduled evaluation. For the days and times of our scheduled evaluations, check HERE.
  2. Print, complete, and bring this Evaluation Questionaire Form on the day of your evaluation and present it to our staff.
  3. A staff member will contact you following your evaluation with a process to REGISTER for the competitive team. This online process will set you up with an online portal for communication, payments, meet and event information, and more. You will then be directed to a location and roster group with a lead coach who will be your primary contact for your student-athlete season. 


HOW to register to join ElitSwim?

  1. Please click Join Our Team from our Home page, choose Team Registration, and register as a NEW JOIN.
  2. Before registering, please thoroughly review our 2023-2024 Handbook so you understand the background, basics, financial, and volunteering requirements for our Club.
  3. Your registration will be in "pending approval" status until our Swim Office approves. 
  4. If we are not able to approve your swimmer's registration due to space limitations, etc., all registration fees will be refunded.


WHEN can families join ElitSwim Club?

We provide practices and competitive preparation starting late August through early August each year. The competitive swimming year is comprised of two seasons: Short Course from September to March and Long Course from March to August. We are open to swimmers with the appropriate abilities to join the team at any time during the year.


If you are new in town, just finishing a pre-competitive program, moving from another club, or looking to join ES during the competitive season, please Contact us to schedule an evaluation. We will ask you for some information about your swimmer's previous experience and give you recommendations from there.


WHERE can families join ElitSwim Club?

ElitSwim Club operates in San Ramon, CA. Our main pool location is the Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center/DVHS (DVAC), and our secondary pool location is the San Ramon Olympic Pool/Cal High (SROP).



Our team's Head Coach, Paschalis Ntatsos, is in charge of new member evaluation. 



If you have questions about team evaluations or the trial period, please contact Paschalis Ntatsos via email at [email protected].

If you have questions about membership fees or billing, please contact our team at [email protected].


Build Lifelong Experiences & Friendships


We look forward to many successful years of swimming!