Read the information below, then, if you still have questions, check with any of the coaches for assistance.


Entering Swim Meets:

Q: How do I sign up to swim in a meet? 
A: You will receive an email from ES when a meet becomes available for sign-up.  Remember that there is a deadline for sign-up that is listed on the email and on the registration information on the website. 

Q: How do I locate swim meets on our website: 
A: All meets will be listed under the "EVENTS" tab, which you will find it about halfway down on the ELIT homepage.
Make a note of the meet name and then go to register to

Q:  How do I sign up on swim connection?
A: Steps to follow:

  • After logging in, you will see open meets.  Select the meet the team is attending.  The coaches will only attend meets that are listed on our meet schedule. Click on the meet link.
  • This will take you to the meet entry page.
  • The Meet Sheet will tell you the date, location, host, and director of the meet.
  • Once you have read the meet sheet, click the online meet entry tab and choose the swimmer you are registering. See what events are being offered and what days.
  • You will need to enter times for each event, to do this, select the “BEST” tab. If your swimmer has no time for that event, "NT" will appear, and you may proceed with entering. Then Save at the bottom of the page.
  • You are not done yet.  You must hit the go to payment page button and pay for your entries to be complete.
  • Swimmers are responsible for all meet entry fees (occasionally, the board may pay for relay entries handled by coaches). 
  • When you complete your payment, you will get a confirmation.  Printing this page and bringing it to the swim meet with you is always good.
Q: Which events should I sign up for? 
A: Discuss with your coach which events are appropriate.
Q: Where do entry times come from?/Can I submit alternate entry times? 
A: Entry times are generally a swimmer’s fastest legal time in an event recorded in our database.  For some meets, such as the state championships, only the fastest times achieved in the last year are considered.  A swimmer who does not have a time in an event may be entered by the coach with no-time or a time estimate from a similar event or a practice.  If you have alternate times for the coach to consider, such as times from a country club or high school meet, include them in the "Notes" section when you are signing up for a meet.

Q: How can I establish my USA Times?
Once you swim in a USA meet, swimconnection will record that time.  You can always manually override a time in swimconnection – it will give you a warning, but the time you input will be added.


General Meet Information:

If you have competed in a meet with ELIT in the past, your swimmer will still be in Swim Connection. You can enter as you have in the past. If not, you will need to register your swimmer(s). See page titled: “New to”

  • Meets are Saturday & Sunday, with different events offered each day. The online meet entry system will give you information regarding warmups and meet start times.
  • The coaches do not place swimmers in events for USA swim meets.  It is up to the swimmer(s) and parent(s) to enter into events based on your coach’s recommendations and your family's swimming goals.
  • Swimmers are responsible for all meet entry fees (occasionally, the board may pay for relay entries handled by coaches)
  • Swimmers Age: At USA meets, swimmers compete at their current age on the day of the meet.
  • USA recognized age groups: 8&under, 9-­‐10, 11-­‐12, 13-­‐14, 15-­‐16 & 17-­‐18
  • Swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming.


Our team will be assigned timing responsibilities and officiating duties based on our entries. If you sign up to swim in a meet, you must fulfill 1 timing shift (1 hour) per day of attendance. The timing signup sheet will be at the coach’s tent at every ELIT meet. If you are interested or have experience with Stroke &Turn officiating, please consider becoming a registered official. Please contact Suchit Bhatia at [email protected] if interested. 

Checking into Swim Meets:
Swimmers need to check in at the check in table and initial all events they are swimming as soon as you arrive to the meet.  Parents are NOT able to check in or initial for their swimmers. If you do not check in, they will scratch you from your first event.

Other Common Questions

What happens if I choose my events now and then get best times at upcoming meets? Will my seed times be updated? Can I change events?

  • ES will always use the fastest results we are allowed to use for entry into the championship competitions.  
  • You may change your events on our website until a coach "approves" your entry. This generally happens after the ELIT entry deadline closes.

Can I have a coach help choose my events? What if I don’t know which events to swim?

  • Print a copy of the order of events and take it to your coaches at practice. Your coaches will help you select events.

Pacific Swimming Short Course Championship Meets 

  • Click here ] for a complete explanation of the Pacific Swimming District, Junior Olympic and State Championship meets.
  • Click here ] to go directly to the "Time Standards" page (also accessed under "Member Resources") to see the qualifying times for each meet.

 Using High School or Middle School Times

Swimmers are automatically entered into meets with their fastest times for each event that have been achieved while swimming for ELIT in a USA Swimming-sanctioned meet.  If a swimmer has achieved quicker times in other meets, follow these instructions to have their alternate times considered.