ElitSwim Club(ELIT) Travel Policies                             


ElitSwim Club Individual Travel Policy 

  • No swimmers age 18 years or younger are permitted to attend a meet that requires an overnight stay or is more than 60 miles away unless accompanied by a parent or a chaperone arranged by the swimmer's parents / guardian(s). 
  • No ELIT athlete age 18 or younger is permitted to drive to or from out-of-town (60 miles or farther) swim meets unless accompanied by a parent or chaperone. 
  • Athletes who are 19 years of age or older may drive themselves to/from competitions, but may not transport younger swimmers, including siblings. 
  • Swimmers 19 years of age or older may travel alone to an away meet but must inform his/ her lead coach. 
  • Swimmers who are 19 years of age or older should be encouraged to carpool together to/from competitions. 


ElitSwim ClubTravel Policy 

All ElitSwim team travel trips will be conducted in compliance with USA Swimming Athlete Protection Policies and Best Practice Guidelines, including the following: 

  • Each swimmer is reminded that when traveling on trips, competing in meets, and attending other meet-related functions, you are representing both yourself and the ES program. Your behavior must positively reflect the high standards of the club. 
  • All swimmers, coaches, chaperones and team managers traveling with the team must be non- athlete members of USA Swimming. 
  • All swimmers, coaches, chaperones and team managers must attend all team functions and are expected to know all travel/meeting schedules and strictly adhere to them. Coaches will establish warm-up times and other trip-related timetables as needed. Being prompt and on time is essential. 
  • All swimmers are expected to remain with the team at all times during a trip. Swimmers are not to leave the pool, the hotel, restaurant, or any other place at which the team has gathered without the permission of a coach or chaperone. 
  • Rooms and travel vehicles are to be treated with respect and kept neat. Belongings should be kept together and all trash deposited appropriately. 
  • Any damage to rooms or vehicles will be the responsibility of the parties involved and may result in being sent home early from the trip at no cost to the club. 
  • When traveling by van, all passengers must wear seat belts and remain seated at all times. When traveling by other vehicles, all passengers must wear seat belts in accordance with applicable state laws. 
  • Swimmers are not allowed in hotel rooms of swimmers of the opposite gender.
  • Swimmers must stay in the hotel room assigned to them. Swimmers may not change rooms or roommates without authorization from the lead coach and head chaperone. 
  • Swimmers may be assigned to a hotel room that includes an adult chaperone and his/her child. In all instances, the adult chaperone and all swimmers assigned to a room will be of the same gender. 
  • All swimmers are expected to strictly adhere to the curfew established by the coaching staff. At curfew, all lights, TV's, and other electronic equipment must be turned off. Talking is not permitted. Cell phones should be set on silent or alarm mode only so as not to disturb teammates who are rooming with you. Any complaint of disturbance in the middle of the night by a cell phone will result in the removal of cell phone privileges for the offender. 
  • Swimmers are expected to be quiet and respect the rights of teammates and other hotel guests during evening hours and during rest time between prelims and finals. There is to be no telephone or cell phone use, including texting, Skype, FaceTime, social media applications, etc., after curfew or during afternoon rest time. 
  • All telephone and incidental room charges must be paid prior to curfew on the final night of the trip. 
  • When group meals are contracted with a hotel or restaurant, all swimmers, coaches, chaperones, a nd team managers on the trip are expected to participate in and share the cost of these meals. 
  • On team travel trips, swimmers are expected to travel with and stay with the team. The Head Coach must approve any exceptions to this policy prior to the trip. 
  • Chaperones, team managers and coaches must agree to fulfill their responsibilities to the swimmers entrusted to their care and to the other chaperones and coaches. Swimmers may not be chaperones. 
  • Chaperones and team managers must be non-athlete members of USA Swimming, which includes successfully passing the USA Swimming criminal background check and the Athlete Protection Course. All coaches must be current coach members of USA Swimming. 
  • ElitSwim will ensure the successful completion of required background checks and non-athlete member registration. 
  • To provide a positive experience and safe environment for swimmers, all coaches and non- athlete adult members of USA Swimming should maintain professionalism and avoid any appearance of impropriety in their relationships with swimmers. 
  • Chaperones and team managers shall not possess or use alcohol, tobacco / vape, illegal drugs, or controlled substances while this Code of Conduct is in effect. 
  • Coaches shall not possess or use tobacco / vape, illegal drugs, or controlled substances; and coaches who serve as chaperones shall not possess or use alcohol while this Code of Conduct is in effect. 
  • Regardless of gender, at no time shall a coach share a hotel room or other sleeping arrangement with a swimmer, unless the coach is the parent, guardian, sibling, or spouse of the swimmer. 
  • If a swimmer is 19 years of age or older and acting as both a coach and swimmer at a meet, the swimmer must room with a coach; however, if the swimmer is acting solely as a swimmer at a meet, the swimmer should room with other swimmers, age 18 or older, and not with any swimmer from a group that the swimmer coaches. 
  • Coaches, chaperones, and team managers traveling with swimmers are expected to demonstrate excellent judgment and behavior to positively represent our sport and ElitSwim Club at all times, using Best Practice Guidelines of USA Swimming as a reference. 
  • All ES swimmers must abide by the Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Policy. 
  • Swimmers with medically prescribed drugs must declare them prior to the trip. 
  • When visiting public places, such as shopping malls, movie theatres, etc., swimmers age 18 or younger will stay in groups of no less than three persons. Swimmers age 12 or under shall be accompanied by a chaperone, team manager or coach. 
  • Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action, including the possibility of being sent home from the meet at no expense to the club. 

Furthermore, this Code of Conduct will be deemed to have been violated if the swimmer: 

  • Fails to conduct himself or herself with due regard to public conventions and morals; 
  • Engages in any situation or occurrence, including the use of illegal drugs or prohibited substances. 
  • Brings himself or herself into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule. 


I have read and understand this Code of Conduct and related Swim Meet and Travel Policies, and by registering for ElitSwim Club's programs, I agree to abide by it. Violation of this Code of Conduct and related Swim Meet and Travel Policies will be grounds for appropriate action up to expulsion from ElitSwim Club's programs and facilities.