New Parent Handbook (ELIT)


Welcome to ElitSwim Club!

The information in this New Parent Handbook is intended to help you understand a bit more about the sport and ElitSwim, but it’s just a starting point. Your questions are encouraged! Parent meetings will be held in September, and you may email us any time using the addresses below. We hope you will become an engaged, enthusiastic supporter of your swimmer(s) and our organization. 

We appreciate you choosing ElitSwim!

Founder: Paschalis Ntatsos

Year of Incorporation: 2023


Legal Name: ElitSwimClub, Inc


Tax Status: Registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization


Club Code: ELIT



Governing bodies:

  • National – USA Swimming (
  • Local Swimming Committee (LSC) – Pacific Swimming (
             o Zone 2

Home Pool: Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center at Dougherty Valley High School/DVHS
10550 Albion Rd, San Ramon, CA 94582
Swim Year: September to August
Fiscal Year: January to December

Mailing Address: 2710 Crow Canyon Road  #1046. San Ramon, CA 94583-1606

ElitSwim is a big family with two additional branches that support one another:

Swim Lessons for the City of San Ramon and our pre-competitive year-round program.


Who to contact with questions:

Dues/Billing: Contact Us
Membership & Registration: Contact Us



Table of Contents

  2. Governing Organizations
  3. Geographic Structure
  4. Seasonal Structure (Short vs. Long Course)
  5. Time Standards
  7. Parent-Athlete Support 
  8. Parent-Organization Support
  9. Home Meet & Volunteering 
  10. Communication  
  12. Goals & Objectives 
  13. Practice Facilities. 
  14. Practice Schedules 
  15. Inclement Weather 
  16. Required Practice Equipment  
  17. Practice Behavior 
  20. ELIT’s Competition Philosophy 
  21. Competition Schedule 
  22. Entering Meets.
  23. Swim Meet Procedures
  24. What to Bring
  25. Competition Apparel
  26. Competition Suit Policy



Governing Organizations

USA Swimming: USA Swimming is the national governing body for the sport of swimming. Participants in the ES year-round competitive swim programs must be members of this organization. Membership, which is renewed in the fall of each year, provides limited, co-benefit accident and liability insurance for swimmers participating in supervised workouts and swim meets. Visit for more information, including rules, current time standards, and many other resources for parents and swimmers.


Pacific Swimming: (PACSWIM) is a member of USA Swimming and is the Local Swim Committee (LSC) that governs our geographic area. Its responsibilities include processing memberships, scheduling competitions, training /certification of officials, athlete recognition programs, and assembling the PACSWIM Zone Team. Visit for more information.


Geographic Structure

USA Swimming divides the country into four zones: Western, Central, Eastern, and Southern. ElitSwim, as part of Pacific Swimming, competes in the Western Zone.


Seasonal Structure (Short vs. Long Course)

Swimming is a year-round sport that is divided into two seasons, with championship-level meets held at the end of each season.


The short course season lasts from September through March. All practices and meets are typically conducted in 25-yard pools. The United States is the only country that competes in 25-yard pools. High school and collegiate competition are conducted in the 25-yard format and is considered a winter sport.

The long course season lasts from April through early August. Most swim meets are conducted in 50-meter pools. Practices are held in a combination of 25-yard and 50-meter pools. All international competition takes place in either 25-meter or 50-meter pools. The Olympics are always held in a 50-meter pool.


Time Standards

USA Swimming establishes motivational time standards for each age group every four years. The current standards will be in place until August 31, 2020 and are available on USA Swimming’s website. Search for USA Swimming National Age Group Motivational Times.


Time standards and age determine the type of meet in which a swimmer may participate. Age group standards progress from (slower to faster) B, BB, A, AA, AAA, and AAAA. In addition, there are specific time standards for various championship meets that will be provided as appropriate for your swimmer.


For in-season meets, 12 and under age-group swimmers are typically classified as follows: BB swimmers – have a BB time in two different strokes

A swimmers – have an A time in two different strokes

AA swimmers – have AA times in two different strokes


Senior level swimmers are divided into two categories—Senior Development and Senior Circuit swimmers. Senior Circuit swimmers have achieved a 13-14 AA time standard in two different strokes. All other swimmers are considered Senior Development swimmers.


Unless a swimmer has previously competed in a USA Swimming meet, s/he is considered a B/C swimmer and will be entered with NT (No Time) in the event. If the swimmer has competed in a USA Swimming meet with another team, please turn in his/her best times to one of the EScoaches so the times can be entered in our database.



Parent-Athlete Support

It is the coach’s job to offer constructive criticism of a swimmer’s performance. It is the parent’s role to provide love, recognition, and encouragement necessary to help a young athlete feel positive about him/herself. Be the person that your swimmer can look to for constant, positive reinforcement.


Strive to provide your swimmer with the basic opportunities s/he needs to have a positive swimming experience. Make sure your swimmer regularly attends practice and swim meets.


Every individual learns at a different rate and responds differently to the various methods of skill presentation. Some swimmers take more time to learn; this requires patience on the part of the coach and the parent, both of whom must remember that the swimmer’s ultimate swimming potential may be as great or greater than that of a faster learner.


Avoid comparing the skill, courage, determination, attitude, performance, or improvement of your swimmer to other swimmers. Swimmers mature physiologically and psychologically at different ages; the weakest swimmer in a practice group this year could be leading practices in the future.


The etymology of the word “competition” goes back to the Latin words “com” and “petere,” which mean “together to strive.” It is important to teach young swimmers to compete with, not against others, and to use competition to help them strive to be their own best self.


“Your child’s success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent you are. But, having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best, IS a direct reflection of your parenting.”          Author Unknown



Guidelines for Watching Practice

Parents will be encouraged to watch practice from time to time. Here are some important guidelines when observing practice.

First, young swimmers want parental approval more than anything in the world. For swimmers to learn as much as possible during practice, it is important that coaches have each swimmer’s undivided attention.


Communicating with your swimmer in any manner during practice will distract your swimmer as well as their teammates when being provided feedback or instructions from their coach.


Second, we ask you to communicate with a coach 10 min prior to beginning of practice or once the coach ends their practice and all swimmers are out of the pool safely. If you need to communicate with a coach on a subject matter that needs more than a simple answer please schedule an appointment with the coach so it can be answered in the most appropriate way.


Third, our coaches spend a considerable amount of time planning weekly training sessions for each of their practice groups. Every training set or instructional drill has a purpose. One practice and/or practice set often builds on another during each week. Remember what you may be seeing is a snapshot of the bigger progression, you may not understand the purpose of what the swimmers are doing on any given day. Take your child’s lead and having a good / positive conversation on the ride home may help you better understand and may also provide a stronger relationship that can encourage your swimmer to continue to grow in the sport.


Lastly, to help continue to build positive relationship moments with your swimmer, when observing practice there should be no video recording or filming of any kind. Please do not coach or advise your swimmer based on what you see (or think you don’t see) him/her do during practice. Many times when teaching stroke skills, coaches ask their swimmers to do things that may not look correct or actually might be illegal during competition. However, the drills have an important purpose in teaching skills. Swimming a one-arm butterfly stroke or using a flutter kick with breaststroke are examples of drills with a specific purpose.

To comply with USA Swimming Insurance coverage anyone on the pool deck must be a USA Swimming member coach or a USA Swimming athlete member. USA Swimming’s Insurance is void if the rules are not followed. Therefore, parents should watch practice from the following areas:
Consistently across the pool facing the coach and never behind him, even if there are bleachers as a sitting area. Please keep your distance and avoid approaching the swimmers, as it will distract them. Ask your coach where the designated areas to watch practices in each location are. This will assist the swimmers and the coach in performing each practice efficiently and undistracted.

Avoid and all times walking and doing rounds on the pool deck as an exercise as it creates a huge distraction to all programs. 


Note: Please make sure siblings are safe, courteous, and well-behaved at all facilities. Also, please make sure the area is clean before leaving.

Parent-Organization Support

Be a G.R.E.A.T. ElitSwim parent!

G - Get Involved! Volunteer to do more than just be a timer at meets. If you're not sure what you might want to do, email under Contact US on our website and we'll get you headed in the right direction!

R - Read the Emails! Emails will come from coaches, the business/billing office, Meet Squad, the webmaster and others. They wouldn't be emailing if it wasn't important for parents to know!

E - Educate Yourself. Ask questions. Make friends with other parents. Use the substantial online resources available to you:

EltSwim Club:
Pacific Swimming:
USA Swimming:

 A - Attend meetings and ask questions. Coaches meetings, parent meetings, parent coffees, college information meetings, volunteer committee meetings to name a few.


T - Think fun and be positive! Your child will enjoy the sport so much more if it is fun! Yes, they will lose their goggles three times in the first two months, and yes, there will be moments when they are frustrated or tired, but if you do all you can as a parent to make it fun you will ALL have a better time!


Swim Meets & Volunteering

ELIT plans to host a couple of meets throughout the year to provide our athlete's opportunities to hone their skills without the expense and inconvenience of travel. Home-meets is the name for all of the volunteer work that goes into making these events successful. Every ELIT family should pitch in. Required home meets minimums help spread the workload and are detailed in the Registration Packet.
Currently, there are no home meets planned for 2023.

There are lots of other ways to support the team besides working at meets. Volunteers are always needed for a variety of functions including securing sponsorships, marketing support, community relations, and more. If you’re interested in helping or have a business that might be able to provide services, please Contact Us.



Great communication between athletes, parents, and coaches is one key to a successful experience in the ELIT program.
ELIT lead coaches work to communicate all the information you need for you and your swimmer to be in the know, have a good experience, and be excited about our program and all the opportunities we offer. There are several critical paths that coaches can communicate with you, aside from direct communications and interactions:

 • You will receive occasional emails from your child’s lead coach that are your primary source of information. Please read them carefully.

  • You will also receive team emails to help keep you informed on ELIT opportunities and items of interest. These are often from the head coach and contain program wide information.
  • We have a texting system so you can get notified immediately for any emergencies, schedule changes, pool closures for the same day, and any other important last-minute notifications.  All members need to sign up for that function. Your phone number is not shared with any 3rd parties and remains only for team notifications.

How do I sign up for text messages?

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Go to My Account > Account Info.
    • Click add the SMS phone number and add your phone carrier.
  • You will now receive a confirmation text.
  • Confirm
  • You are now ready to receive ElitSwim texts.

• Please familiarize yourself with the “Parent Resources” tab on this site. It contains a wealth of information. ELIT also has an active presence on, Instagram.

 We encourage you to communicate with your coach. It is important that parents ask questions and engage in the process to support their swimmer by developing a healthy relationship with their swimmer’s lead coach. This starts with communication. When you have a specific question or concern regarding your swimmer, please email your swimmer’s lead coach directly. Most questions are answered quickly at this level. If you need additional help, please reach out to the appropriate Division Lead. If you feel that your question has not been answered satisfactorily, you may consult the Head Coach. Staff roles and email addresses are listed on the website, and you may look for a response within 24-48 hours of reaching out with either a direct answer or with a time to meet for further discussion.

You may have the personal phone number of your child’s coach. Reaching out using text should only be used when immediate solutions are required, such as time sensitive meet communication like a late warmup arrival, injury preventing participation, etc. If you need to set up a meeting with your coach, please set up a time for a face to face meeting rather than discuss the concerns by text or phone call.


Goals & Objectives

ELIT strives for continuity across all of our programs so that children can enter swim lessons, continue learning with our pre-comp team and, progress into a competitive team member, and return as a masters swimmer. Similarly, we strive for continuity and developmental progression through our competitive team divisions.

Just like a new school year, the beginning of a swimming season is a great time to review the foundation we’ve built and look forward so we can set goals for the future. ELIT coaches are talking with your student athletes about expectations for their practice groups and going over some of the basics to establish (or reestablish) good habits. For parents, it’s a good time to review the structure of the ELIT competitive program, the purpose of each division, and the role of the coaches that lead those divisions.

At ELIT, we offer practice groups to fit your swimmer's level and desire. We offer the following divisions to support progressive development through our program. Each division has a specific purpose and an assigned division leader.

Age Groups - Fundamentals of Swimming
(8th Grade and younger)

The ElitSwim Clubs practice groups fit the needs of swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Please keep in mind that age ranges are not absolute. Sometimes an older swimmer who is new to the sport may have to start with a predominantly younger group. Occasionally a very advanced younger swimmer may be moved into a group of older athletes. These group descriptions are provided to give you a sense of our team's construction and the progression your child is likely to follow as he/she moves through our program.

ELIT athletes in age groups will learn the fundamental skills of swimming while developing an athletic mindset of coach-ability, maturity, and sport knowledge through a competitive team environment meant to foster teamwork, camaraderie, and connection.

Will progress throughout the program from basic stroke fundamentals, functionally effective in all four competitive strokes, including starts, turns, and underwater understanding, to refining their skills and growing to thrive in increasing levels of physical, mental, and emotional intensity.

  • Attentively listen to and follow directions regarding why and how to swim
  • Find balance and control in the water, can maintain balance through the breath cycles stroke
  • Learn about the Pace Clock and how it helps them gauge their success
  • Know the names of teammates and coaches, show pride in being a team member by encouraging teammates and wearing the team uniform.
  • Develop work ethic and self-discipline through consistent attendance and commitment
  • Exhibit curiosity and eagerness to learn about the sport, and how to do it well
  • Understand the role of failure in the long-term success
  • Understand the difference between individual and team goals and how each benefits the other
  • Become competitive and technically proficient.
  • Accept constructive criticism from coaches and use the feedback to improve their skills
  • Create long-term plans to reach their goals and adhere to the plan through adversity
  • Understand the impact of drag on the development of speed and the importance of creating the most efficient body lines to help produce their most efficient strokes and highest speeds
  • Use practice time to prepare and practice specific aspects of their intended race strategies
  • Use mental and physical preparation and recovery strategies to produce their best performance

Group Structure


Age Groups


 Elit 1    -   This is where it all starts! This group comprises the youngest competitive swimmers in the ES program. We focus on fun and competitive technique fundamentals. Our goal is to teach these young swimmers proper stroke techniques from day one and to lay a foundation for them to move up through our practice groups. This consists of kicking, drilling, body position, and work on coordination in and out of the water. More importantly, we are trying to build a lifelong passion for the sport of Swimming and ES. 
Requirements = Complete a 25y (one lap) freestyle and backstroke without stopping.

Weekly training sessions = 4-5
Athletes are typically 5-8 years old.

 Elit 2 & 3  This group is where swimmers from younger ages will progress from the fundamental skills & primary stroke and technique instruction to advanced skills & drills in a variety of ways to prepare them for the present and senior level. They will learn race strategies and build upon practice habits & skill development.

Emphasis on mental training/strength, self-awareness, and self-confidence will be introduced and worked on within the group.

Swimmers are assigned to the same lanes according to age and physical capabilities.
Practice in this group also ranges in yardage as it is expected 11-14 years old will be in a position to perform in a more rigorous training load than the younger swimmers while continuing to build upon racing skills, character ownership & strength.

Consistent practice attendance is necessary for continued improvement and advancement. 

Elit 2
AGE: (9-11 years old):
DAYS: M-F. (5 practices)
DURATION: (75min practice)

Elit 3  
AGE: (11-14 years old):
DAYS: M-F. (5 practices)
DURATION: (105min practice


Senior – The Pursuit of Excellence


ELIT Seniors will work to align their values to their actions, both in and out of training, and to actively strive for their best performances in peak competitions. ES provides the resources and programming to support athletes in becoming the best they can be in their program of events to showcase their skills on the highest platform they can achieve. Senior Swimmers:

  • Use their ultimate goal in sport to maintain intensity and work ethic in practice
  • Utilize time management skills to keep their lives in balance and their training protected
  • Understand their position as role models and the impact of their public behaviors
  • Are able to employ supreme concentration and situational awareness in peak states
  • Are steadfastly optimistic about their potential and ability to get better

 Attendance (as a measure of engagement) and evaluation criteria weigh heavily on athletic mindset, and leadership will be considered alongside at the highest senior time standard achieved.


Group Structure


 Senior Elit 1  - This is our most advanced training group offered. It is designed for swimmers who have chosen swimming as their primary sport and have committed to training to compete at the National level. Swimmers in this training group should plan on mandatory 6–7 practices per week, competing at the meets selected by the coach and training at the level required to qualify for National Level competitions.
This program will offer the most advanced training techniques and dry land exercises designed to help swimmers reach the highest level of competition, as well as prepare swimmers to swim in college.

 Senior Elit 2  - This is our second senior-level training group offered. It is designed for swimmers that may still participate in other sports or activities but want to remain competitive at a senior level. Swimmers in this training group should plan on 5 practices per week, competing at the meets selected by the coach.
This program will offer advanced training techniques and dry land exercises designed to help swimmers reach the highest level of competition, as well as prepare swimmers to swim in college.


Practice Facilities

ElitSwim Club is a co-sponsor group of the San Ramon, CA, using as a main location the Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center/Dougherty High School(10550 Albion Drive, San Ramon, CA 94582) and second location the San Ramon Olympic Pool/California High School(9900 Broadmoor Dr. San Ramon CA 94583). Please be respectful at all times and help us maintain positive relationships with these important partners.

Practice Schedules

Seasonal practice schedules are available on GoMotion in the Parent Resources section. Coaches will send emails to the families in each practice group that will detail any updates or changes. If you have questions, please contact your coach. Keep in mind the more consistent practice is attended, the more improvement swimmers will see.

Inclement Weather

San Ramon facilities have their own inclement weather policy. Coaches will notify families of changes to practice schedules by email.

Please be sure to keep your contact information correct on your account with ELIT. If you need to make changes to your account (i.e. you have a new phone number, email address), follow the ElitSwim Club website and sign in with the username and password you set up.

Required Practice Equipment

All practice equipment can be purchased from the online. ElitSwim Club has an account where you can locate all team's apparel and gear. Please mark all equipment with your swimmer's name. The full equipment list for all divisions is available on our website under the Resources tab.



All Competitive Groups 

Team Cap, Team Shirts (x2), Team Suit, Team Bag, Sweatshirt/Hoodie. 


Training Equipment

Swimmers bring training equipment with them to all practices. All swimmers that perform dryland need to bring an exercise mat.
Families can order training equipment through 


Age Groups

Elit 1 & 2 - Equipment Bag, Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins

Elit 3 - Equipment Bag, Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins, and two tennis balls. 

Elit 4 - Equipment Bag, Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles, TempoTrainer, Snorkel, and two tennis balls


Senior Groups - Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Snorkel, Paddles, TempoTrainer, Fins/Zoomers (one pair of short blades & one long soft), Mesh Bag, Stretch Cordz, two tennis balls.

Senior Elit 1: + medical bands, Parachute (square, either ~8" or ~12")

For all Senior Groups, how to proceed with what to buy from: 

a) the resistance levels of the Medical bands and Stretch Cordz, 

b) the size of the Paddles and the Parachute will all be determined as soon as the swimmers are evaluated during their first couple of weeks in practice and communicate with parents to purchase the right equipment levels.



Practice Behavior


Swimmers are encouraged to support their teammates at practices and during competitions. Working together is an important part of the “ELIT Spirit.” Swimmers are expected to follow the directions of the coaching staff, be respectful at all times, and may only leave practice with the coach’s permission.

Abusive language, lying, stealing, or vandalism will not be tolerated.


ELIT coaches work toward a common goal of continuity and developmental progression. Each season, swimmers are evaluated for the best placement within our team structure and may be assigned to a different group as they age and/or evolve.

Swimmers will be assigned to groups based on their personal evaluations and their chronological age for the upcoming season.  ELIT coaches are guided by our team’s Development Model, defining our overall vision for the program and a systematic process of progression. Each group is working towards the mastery of specific skills and abilities that pave the way toward our ultimate goal of creating “Champions in Life through Excellence in Swimming.”

To this end, we are looking to develop coachable, mature athletes who are knowledgeable about what it takes to succeed in the sport and then harness these attributes to deliberately strive for performance excellence. At the younger end of our program, we are more concerned about building an athletic mindset than we are about their performances in competition, but as the swimmers become older, we are looking to see character-driven results that reflect their efforts.


The factors that drive group placement come directly from the swimmer’s evaluation rubric and include Performance, Engagement, Coachability, Maturity, Swim IQ, and Readiness. These factors are weighed based on the priorities of development within each group that will allow the swimmer to develop and shine while continuing to progress at ES. Finding the appropriate group for each swimmer will allow for the greatest opportunities for growth, learning, and connection as they are immersed in an environment that will help them succeed.


We understand that group moves can introduce turbulence as they affect schedules, coach relationships, and peer groups. We will make an effort to help your families create new connections and support systems that widen your circle of friends within the team and allow for greater influence in leadership as you progress. As parents, you play a critical role in the culture of ES, so your investment in the connections with and support of families in your swimmer’s group, along with the support you give your child’s coach, is paramount to the overall success of the team. Your swimmer’s group is also your group and the people who will be sharing and cocreating this experience with you, so take care of each other as we dive further into this sport and the upcoming season together.



ELIT’s Competition Philosophy

In preparing for your swimmer’s meets, the following are some basic fundamentals of competition that ELIT coaches stress.

  1. Each swimmer should compete with him or herself. It is more beneficial to improve one’s time and/or technique than to win a ribbon or medal.
  2. In addition to earning best times, the coaches praise swimmers for working on technique and/or racing strategies. Swimmers may not improve their time when trying something new (i.e. flip turns, underwater dolphin kicks, etc.), but if a swimmer continues the skill or technique, the time will improve more in the long run.
  3. Swimmers are taught to set realistic goals, and as they get older, they are taught to relate performance in practice to their goal times.
  4. The coaching staff encourages age-group swimmers to compete in every event they are eligible for. This helps to promote versatility since swimmers are continuously switching best events as they grow, mature, and change body shapes and sizes.
  5. Sportsmanship is a MUST at ELIT. We expect all swimmers, parents, and coaches to respect the officials, competitors, and the facilities we use. We also want swimmers to encourage and support their teammates.
  6. SUCCESS = Improving one’s own, best self.

Competition Schedule

The competition schedule for each season is available on GoMotion under the meets and events tab. Coaches will send emails to the families in each practice group that will include any updates or changes. If you have questions about which meets your child should attend, please contact your coach.

Entering Meets

ELIT families are required to commit to competitions through their account in GoMotion. Coaches will notify families when the event becomes available on Team Unify and the deadline for committing their swimmer.


The process to indicate your swimmer will be able to participate in the meet (or any portion of the meet) is as follows:

  1. Go to and sign in to your GoMotion account.
  2. Click on the Event tab and open the assigned meet for your child.
  3. Click on the Attend/Decline button (upper right part of the page).
  4. Click on the name of the athlete you want to commit to the event.
  5. The athlete sign-up page appears.
  6. Commit the athlete by using the Signup Record and selecting “yes please (swimmer’s name) will attend this event.”
  7. Always remember to click on Save Changes!

Once the deadline has passed, you will NOT be able to commit your swimmer. At this time, the entries are processed. Declaring for a meet will turn off at midnight the day of the deadline.


After you’ve committed to the event, your coach will select the events your swimmer will compete in and will notify parents by email that entries are complete. Check the entries for your swimmer and let your swimmer’s coach know as soon as possible if there are any problems.




Swim Meet Procedures

  1. Arrive at the pool 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled warm-up time, and locate the ELIT team area where all team members sit. The meet warm-up time will be listed in the meet information provided by your coach, as well as within the event listing on GoMotion.
  2. Warm-ups are always conducted by the ELIT coaching staff. It is very important for all swimmers to warm-up with the team.
  3. All ELIT swimmers are required to wear the team suit and ES team cap during both warmups and actual competition. Swimmers also are asked to wear their team t-shirts. All other team apparel is optional but encouraged to promote team unity and pride.
  4. Each swimmer is responsible for knowing which events s/he is swimming in and for being on time to swim in his/her event. It is customary to write event numbers, heat, and lane assignments on a swimmer’s hand, arm, or leg. You can get that information by purchasing a heat sheet.
  5. At the conclusion of each race, younger swimmers are expected to go immediately to their coach. Older swimmers should warm down first, if possible, and then see their coach. The coach discusses the race with each swimmer individually and gives positive comments concerning splits, stroke technique, and race strategy.
  6. Electronic timing is used at most meets. Generally, the official time is the one recorded on the computer when the swimmer touches the touchpad. This time appears on the scoreboard, however, if a swimmer misses the touchpad or if there is a mechanical failure, various back-up times may be used. The timing and score keeping personnel analyze all times to determine the official times, which are then posted as final results.
  7. According to USA Swimming rules, parents are not allowed in the immediate competition venue unless they are serving in an official capacity. Similarly, all questions concerning meet results, an officiating call, or the conduct of a meet should be referred to the ELIT coaching staff. They, in turn, will pursue the matter through the proper channels.
  8. In between races, swimmers are asked to rest and stay warm. All energy should be stored up and used in competition. Stay hydrated and eat light, nutritious snacks as needed.
  9. It is very important that parents and/or swimmers check with the coaching staff prior to leaving the swim meet, making certain that their swimmer has not been placed on a relay.

What to Bring

  1. Team swimsuit
  2. Two team swim caps
  3. Two pairs of goggles
  4. ES team t-shirts
  5. Two towels (minimum)
  6. Old blanket or sleeping bag
  7. Quiet games or books
  8. Food—nutritious snacks
  9. Water bottle

Be sure to put your swimmer’s name on all belongings and equipment. Please do not hesitate to ask any veteran parent on the team for help or for information.

Competition Apparel

Swimmers are expected to wear the assigned ELIT t-shirt for each session of a swim meet. All other ELIT apparel is optional but encouraged.

Typical ES T-Shirt Schedule for Meets*

*This order could change, so please watch for information in the swim meet notice that will be provided by your coach.

Saturday – Yellow T-shirt

Sunday – Black T-shirt

Competition Suit Policy

All ELIT swimmers are required to wear the ES team suit and black ES cap during meets attended by ELIT. Please refer to the ELIT Competition Suit Policy in the Documents section of GoMotion for details.


All ELIT members must adhere to the following policies and waivers on the Team Unify website in the Parent Corner/Documents section. Note that you must be logged in to your account to access these documents:

  • ELIT Code of Conduct and Travel Policies
  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Policy
  • ELIT Safe Sport Policy and Bullying Action Plan
  • ELIT Swimwear Policy
  • ELIT Medical Waiver


Violations of team policies posted on GoMotion may result in suspension or termination of membership at ElitSwim Club. These policies and releases have been created to ensure the safety of ElitSwim Club’s members and staff and promote the betterment of ElitSwim Club as an organization.

Still, have questions?

Ask your coach, or an experienced ELIT parent, or email any of the following departments. Thanks again for choosing ELIT, and welcome to the family!

Dues/Billing: Contact Us
Membership/Registration: Contact Us