IMPORTANT NEWS regarding SWIMS 3.0 and 2024 USA Swimming registrations:

All ELIT members (new or renewing) are required to register with USA Swimming. Please read this information before you proceed to the links. 

The ElitSwim Club's USA Swimming registration link is HERE - 2024 USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION - Please see the instructions below:

  • Follow the link above.
  • Add an email address
  • Wait for the verification code from SWIMS
  • Set up your username and password
  • Return to log in
  • The first questions are about YOU, THE PARENT.
  • If yes, enter your ID#.
  • If NO, please follow the directions as they pop up in registration.

If you are a parent about registering your child, please create your account first - ARTICLE.

CLICK HERE for a video tutorial of the account creation process for existing USA Swimming members.
For additional information regarding the PARENT account and the family MEMBER, please see THIS ARTICLE.

There are 2 membership options for 2024:

Premium (Full Membership) - $85. This is good through December 2024. It includes full membership in USA Swimming and unlimited competitions. This is for our year round swimmers.

FLEX (Outreach Membership) - (12 and under only) $30 - this is good through December 2024, with full membership into USA Swimming and 2 competitions. This membership includes most recreational and seasonal swimmers who are joining only during Sept-Dec each year.

Thank you!